You Can Help Yosemite

As a donor to Yosemite Conservancy, you help preserve the park for future generations.

Your gift today makes a lasting difference for Yosemite’s trails, habitat, wildlife and much more. And by participating in our outdoor programs, art workshops, theater performances and volunteer opportunities, you are giving back to the park you love.

Frank Dean, Yosemite Conservancy president and CEO
New President
Yosemite Conservancy is proud to welcome Frank Dean as its new president and CEO.
Motion-sensor cameras help rangers track Yosemite’s rare mammals, including Sierra Nevada red foxes.
Spotting the Rare Red Fox
Motion-sensor cameras have captured an image of the elusive Sierra Nevada red fox within Yosemite, the first spotting in over 100 years. Learn how your gifts help Yosemite’s rare mammals.
The restoration of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias balances visitor needs with ecological protection.
Restoring Mariposa Grove
The project to restore the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias is an ambitious, multiyear effort to preserve these majestic trees and reverse 150 years of development by balancing visitor needs with ecological protection.
Yosemite hikers enjoy a Yosemite Conservancy Outdoor Adventure with an expert naturalist guide.
Explore Yosemite with Us
Join an Outdoor Adventure, and learn nature’s secrets from our naturalist guides. Summit Half Dome, gather friends around a campfire or find inspiration with skilled photographers and artists. What will your adventure be?
Yosemite Conservancy volunteers make a lasting difference in Yosemite.
Volunteer in Your Park
Make a difference in Yosemite — volunteer with Yosemite Conservancy! Experience a deeper connection to your park and help visitors enjoy Yosemite’s beauty. Sign up now.
Why I Give
Ginny Junk and Family in Yosemite, 1976

This park is a wonder and a blessing. Thank you to the Conservancy for all you do to preserve and enhance the Park experience.

Ginny Junk
Yosemite Conservancy Donor

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The restoration of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias balances visitor needs with ecological protection.
Mighty Mariposa Grove Needs Our Help

Conservancy donors are funding an ambitious project to preserve the majestic giant sequoias of Mariposa Grove by balancing visitor needs with ecological protection.

Julia Parker, Yosemite’s cultural legend, teaches an in-depth workshop on basket-weaving with Yosemite Conservancy's Outdoor Adventures
Learn Miwok-Paiute Basketry from a National Treasure

Don’t miss the rare opportunity to learn Miwok-Paiute basketry. This workshop is so popular, we are offering it twice this year, in June and September.

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